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OUT is the ultimate activity/experience search engine. We're not getting any younger, but what we are doing is getting further away from the childhood friends & family members that are embarking on their next chapter. There is no better way to organize reunions & gatherings than through our app. It's a space for us and you. The connection only falls when the memory is lost. Don't get left OUT. 



We are a platform where anyone can belong. Our mission is to create an online community where people can explore and discover a wide range of activities that they weren't aware were available to them worldwide. Our app includes special features designed to keep users engaged and satisfied so that they can utilize it to the fullest extent possible.


Creating an organic social media platform is what we aim for and what this means to us is giving you as users a blank canvas, allowing you to take the initiative and do whatever you want with it. We want each users profile to be tweaked and personalized to suit them best.



We cannot say for certain where OUT will be ten years from now, but based on the current direction we are striving in, we are confident that OUT will be the epicenter for all out and indoor activities in the future.


The organic approach we, as a team chose, to follow while developing OUT was by far one of the biggest challenges.Social media platforms generate a large majority of their revenue from advertising, data sharing, or charging a premium. In order to maintain our organic essence, we have worked tirelessly to avoid incorporating these, to prevent our app from becoming a victim to profit over quality.

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