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OUT is the ultimate search engine for activities and experiences. With childhood friends and family members spreading out, it's hard to stay connected. But with our app, we can keep up-to-date on events and reunions – a place to stay connected with those closest to us. It's a way to ensure memories don't fade away. Don't miss out on this opportunity! secure these precious moments with us!



We are a platform that allows anyone to join a vibrant online community. Our mission is to open up new possibilities for exploration and discovery around the globe which our app offers with tailor-made features that keep users enthralled and content.


Creating an organic social media platform is our goal, and it means giving you a blank canvas. We want you to take the initiative and customize your profile as it fits your individual needs and desires.



We strive to eradicate the effects of the left-winged influence that has had a worldwide impact on individuals and communities, leading to anxiety, depression and self-neglect. To do this, we are introducing our innovative concept, Together We Rise. Our mission is to bring hope back into society, by creating a platform in which people can be liberated from these detrimental elements.


The team's choice to take an organic route with OUT has been one of the biggest challenges. Many social media platforms generate revenue through advertisement, data sharing or premium charges. To retain our organic ambience, we have put a great effort into avoiding such tactics, so as to not let profit outweigh quality.

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